Central Precast manufacture a wide range of concrete fencing products suitable for domestic and commercial market. Concrete fencing is fitted using h-type concrete posts which allow panels slide down a track into position. Subsequent concrete panels are stacked to desired height. All posts and concrete panels are reinforced with steel to ensure maximum strength and durability. This is a fast and economical alternative to walls as it can be erected in a fraction of the time.

We have a wide range of concrete fencing products which come in different styles, from plain to a rock pattern and curved and stylised shapes.

Our range of concrete fencing products, includes;

Plain Panel
Rock Face
Round Top Rock Face
Bow Rock Face

We produce H-Posts also which are the backbone of every concrete fence with the panels sliding into these to create the fencing. These are available in 8ft and 9ft heights.

Choose from our standard sizes although special lengths can be made to order if required.

All our products are concrete cube tested by Jame Fisher Testing Services

Go to our Products Page to get more detailed info or if you would like to speak to one of our staff call or email using the contact details here;
Tel: 085-2330448 and 085-8378285 or Email: info@centralprecast.ie

Our range of concrete fencing products are also available to buy on Done Deal and on Facebook Marketplace